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Why People Need to Ditch ‘Age Bubbles’ and Mingle With Other Generations

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August 9, 2023: In 2018, when Taryn Cicchelli was attending Toronto Metropolitan University in the child and youth care program, one friendship changed her life. It was with a classmate named Teri Truscott.

“I first met Teri when I was doing a presentation at the front of the class,” said Cicchelli. “My hair was in little space buns and I hear this voice from the audience yelling ‘Hey, kitty cat, kitty cat. You’re a cat!’”

Despite the distraction, she focused on her presentation and got through her talk. When she finished and took a seat, it happened to be near her heckler who, it turned out, was a “sweet old lady” in her early 70s.

“Teri said she was sorry if she offended me and then she said it was just that I reminded her of her cat,” she continued. “And I was, like, who is this person? She’s amazing.”


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  • Date

    Aug 22, 2023

  • By

    Christine Sismondo, Toronto Star


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