Non-health-care agencies receive free PPE

Government of Alberta

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) is distributing surplus personal protective equipment (PPE) to an expanded group of non-health-care organizations across Alberta.

In addition to the surplus of PPE that health-care agencies in Alberta have for the ongoing management of COVID-19, the AEMA is continuing to maintain a 60-day stockpile of PPE for future public health emergencies. Extra supplies of hand sanitizer, medical and non-medical masks and disinfectant solutions are now available to non-health-care organizations such as daycares, day homes, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private home care and food service providers, at no cost.

Distributing surplus PPE to an expanded group will minimize waste, reduce storage costs and support safety for vulnerable Albertans. Non-health-care organizations can request PPE from the AEMA through an online form. Priority organizations, such as continuing care facilities, pharmacists, police agencies, fire departments and Emergency Medical Services, will continue receiving PPE from the AEMA.

Alberta will also trade surplus PPE with other provinces and territories, following previously established processes.


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