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[News] Newell Housing Foundation becomes first certified Living Wage Employer in Brooks

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The Newell Housing Foundation is the first certified Live Wage Employer in Brooks.

The Alberta Living Wage Network offers the designation and identifies a living wage as what two working adults supporting two children need to earn to cover basic expenses, after government transfers and deductions.

Employers may offset this wage by providing benefits that offset living costs, such as health care plans.

For the purpose of qualifying for a living wage, an employee/contractor is considered as someone who has worked a minimum of 120 hours/year for the organization.

Newell Housing Foundation has 83 employees, offering supportive living for seniors, independent seniors living and low income housing for residents in the County of Newell.

Sasha Loewen, chief administrative officer, said they have a low turnover rate with their employees and feels that paying a living wage plays a part in that.

“I think it shows our employees that we’re committed to making sure they have a good quality of life,” Loewen said.

“We notice that in paying our employees a living wage, they’re committed to our foundation as well and doing a good job when they’re here for our residents.”

Loewen added they are proud to receive the designation and it also helps provide a better team environment and happier staff.

Ryan Lacanilao, the coordinator and economist for the Alberta Living Wage Network said that the ripple effect of a living wage are far reaching and profound.

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    Feb 21, 2024

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