What We Heard: A Facilitated Conversation Between Non-Profit Leaders and the Mayor & Mayor’s Office

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Description / Summary

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organization's (ECVO) What We Heard document summarizes items discussed during a facilitated conversation between a group of non-profit leaders and the Mayor's Office as a follow-up to the Mayor's State of the City address that he had given the week before.  The meeting provided an opportunity for Mayor Sohi and his team to engage in dialogue (group and individual) with non-profit leaders. They listened to the non-profit experience of the systemic inequities that Edmontonians were facing during the pandemic and continue to face (i.e., racism, gender discrimination, language and cultural barriers, ageism, etc.). It also allowed them to understand how the City and the Mayor's Office can support the non-profit sector with recovery going forward.