Should I stay or should I go? 3 housing strategies for older adults

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Description / Summary

Many older adults prefer to age at home for as long as possible and there are several advantages for doing so: a feeling of belonging, participation in community life, neighbourhood support and better physical and mental health. It is estimated that about 90% of people aged 65 and over still live in their homes. Of those living at home, 30% aged 75 and over and 50% of those aged 85 and over receive care at home.

As the level of autonomy and needs evolve, it may become more challenging to meet the care needs of older adults at home. It may be necessary to look to other types of housing arrangements. Some will offer more flexible and adaptable physical arrangements, as well as better access to care and services, and allow you to socialize and participate in activities. The following three approaches to housing may be suitable to you or your loved ones.