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Parkland County Not for Profit Grants (deadline is Friday, June 14, 2024)

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Not for Profit Grants

Parkland County's Not for Profit grant provides assistance to Parkland County's non-profit organizations whose activities provide valuable programs, services and activities to our residents and help to develop community leadership, and empower citizens to build strong and caring communities. This grant exists to enhance the ability of these organizations to continue to prosper and flourish while offering valuable services to the community.

Deadline for application

Grant Applications for the 2025 grant cycle are now open. Application deadline is Friday, June 14, 2024, 4:30 p.m.

To be eligible for this funding, applicants must be a registered not for profit organization supporting Parkland County residents. 

 Applicants must also: 

  • Be registered and in good standing in Alberta under the appropriate legislation for at least one year prior to the deadline date for filing the grant application 
  • The Applicants shall have an open membership to its organization and programs, except for valid program factors (e.g., geographical location) 
  • The Applicants facilities, projects programs and activities must focus on improving the quality-of-life for residents of Parkland County. 
  • The grant applied for shall be intended and used to further the Applicant's not-for-profit activities and must not directly or indirectly be intended or used to further a profit venture. 
  • Within the deadlines, the Applicant file and provide all documents and information outlined in the grant application. 
  • The Applicant must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and manage its finances in a responsible manner. 
  • The Applicants must have completed a final report and shown recognition to Parkland County for any previous funding received under this program. 
  • Demonstrate adherence to good governance principles, effective administration practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility 
  • Applicants must complete a final report (Minor Capital and Program grants) and shown reignition to Parkland County for any previous funding received under this program. 
  • Applicants may receive only one grant per category per year. 

Ineligible applicants 

The following organizations are ineligible for this funding: 

  • Individuals 
  • Political parties, registered constituency association, registered candidate, or organizations with political affiliations, 
  • Lobbyist groups 
  • Government and government agencies 
  • For profit organizations, 
  • Provincial or federal government funded initiative 
  • Organizations that provide services or programs that are the responsibility of another level of government including health, education, libraries, social services 
  • School or school-based groups 
  • Church or religious affiliated groups 
  • Organizations that have closed memberships or closed access to the general public 
  • Organized sports teams 
  • Boards of trade 
  • Groups that already receive different funding from Parkland County 
  • Groups that receive operational funding from another level of government are not eligible to apply for the operating portion of the grant.  
  • Community Associations recognized under Policy RP-016

more info on grant

  • Funder

    Parkland County

  • Start Date

    Apr 30, 2024

  • End Date

    Jun 14, 2024


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