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[Alberta and Manitoba] Community Grant (opens Aug 15, 2024)

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Positive change starts here.

For the fifth consecutive year, Relish New Brand Experience Inc. has committed to allocating a minimum of $20,000 in pro bono services for one or more organizations that are dedicated to making an impact.

Relish’s Community Grant offers an incredible opportunity to rejuvenate and transform your organization.

This grant is tailored to support organizations driven by a sense of purpose in improving their branding and communication efforts, expanding their outreach, securing funding, and championing their causes.

Grant recipients embark on a year-long collaboration with Relish, which may encompass a range of integrated services such as marketing strategy development, copywriting, brand enhancement, prototyping, website, software and app development, video production, collateral creation, and environmental design.

What change can we make together?

opens AUGUST 15, 2024

Who Can Apply

Manitoba or Alberta-based (owned/operating):

  • Non-profit organizations and registered charities
  • Co-operatives and social enterprises
  • First Nations communities
  • Organizations that operate in Manitoba or Alberta

We Do Not

Provide Grants To

  • Individuals or private businesses
  • Ongoing programs
  • Political parties and affiliated activities
  • Religious activities
  • Organizations working outside of Manitoba and Alberta
  • Competitive sports organizations
  • Current or former clients of Relish



  • The organization must be within 250 km of Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton, or be willing to pay for travel and accommodation of two team members at key points throughout the year
  • Must have a demonstrated need
  • Can demonstrate long-term sustainability
  • Be able to illustrate outreach and impact
  • Have resources to pay for hard costs that may be required
  • Have missions and values consistent with ours here at Relish

Material Costs

Relish will provide design and development services (e.g. marketing and communications strategies, copywriting, visual identity development, prototyping, websites, software or app development, video editing or production, collateral such as brochures, posters and pamphlets, presentation decks and environmental design.

The selected organization(s) will be responsible for any and all hard costs associated with materials and production (e.g. printing, paper, production costs, web hosting, shipping, etc.).

  • Funder


  • Start Date

    Aug 14, 2024

  • End Date

    Sep 05, 2024


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