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Healthier and Safer Alberta Workplaces: #momentsmatter

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The #momentsmatter campaign encourages people to use positive work stories as a vehicle for influencing workplace culture. Hearing or telling real life stories that demonstrate the power of simple, everyday, respectful and caring work relationships encourages people to continue to emulate these positive behaviours--leading to more of the same.


  • #momentsmatter is a three year, province-wide campaign that celebrates Alberta leaders who are taking a personal role in building positive and respectful workplace cultures that promote health and safety – and help stop sexual harassment.
  • At a time when organizations are facing various challenges, and all are prioritizing the psychological and physical health of their staff, and building more inclusive workplaces, this campaign is designed to help.
  • Despite efforts, sexual harassment remains a problem in Canadian workplaces. In Alberta, 1 in 5 workers have been sexually harassed.
  • We know from research that a caring and inclusive workplace culture is an important primary defence against sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is less likely to occur in a positive and respectful workplace environment.
  • Most people understand that a positive workplace culture is important for personal well-being, team success, and job performance. But how to create positive cultures can be a bit of a mystery.
  • Through simple, relatable stories, we’re showing Alberta leaders how easy it can be to strengthen and grow positive workplace cultures that help people feel safe and supported, help them grow and succeed – and help stop sexual harassment


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