Success in Community Action Training - Fall 2022 Learners

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Community Development Learning Initiative (CDLI)

This eight part learning opportunity is for people who are passionate about their communities and are interested in creating positive community change in Calgary.

Together with other learners, you will deepen your knowledge, learn tools, and build relevant skills that you can use to strengthen your own communities.

Our curriculum was developed through a collaborative process with input from Calgary residents, community development practitioners, and others in the field of community development and leadership development.

Topics explored include community change, visioning, asset mapping, ally building, and planning. You can explore the curriculum on CDLI's website at

  1. October 17: Welcome & CD Alive: Strengthening our Communities
  2. October 24: Great Communities: Why, How, What
  3. October 31: Complexity & Root Causes
  4. November 7: Community Strengths & Assets
  5. November 14: Relationship Building & Trust in Community
  6. November 21: Working with Conflict
  7. November 28: Identifying and Celebrating Success
  8. December 5: From Ideas to Action