It's Not Right: Presentation on Recognizing Elder Abuse for Neighbours Friends and Families

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Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council

This presentation will be an introduction to the It’s Not Right: Neighbours, Friends, and Family program, provide information on what elder abuse is, and provide some practical tips of how by-standers, and those connected to older adults who may be experiencing elder abuse, can provide support.  It will also provide some additional information about how you and your community can get involved with the It’s Not Right program in Alberta.

We have a shared responsibility to promote respect for all members of our society. Everyone has a role to play. You may be the neighbour, friend or family member who can make a positive difference in the life of an older adult experiencing abuse. This presentation can help you to recognize the warning signs and learn how to be supportive and safe. The emphasis of the presentation is on teaching neighbours, friends, and family members of seniors experiencing abuse to recognize the warning signs and then to take small practical steps to help that are safe and respectful. Scenarios taken from life, with a range of possible responses, are shown to support the learning objectives. This presentation is meant to be an introduction to elder abuse and the role we as neighbours, friends, and family of older adults, can play.  It is also an opportunity to view the presentation and consider booking a presentation for your group or community, or even become a presenter yourself.

This program has been developed to build stronger communities, especially with the older adults in mind who may be experiencing abuse; but it can also be considered an education program that builds more respectful, and more engaged communities in supporting older adults in their everyday lives.  Raising awareness is key to addressing elder abuse. By raising awareness we can educate people to help older adults in these situations and create safer communities because we all have a role to play in addressing elder abuse.