Healthy Seniors Pilot Project Showcase: Shaping the future of healthy aging

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Division of Aging, Seniors and Dementia

Showcase host, the Monitoring Evaluation and Knowledge Transfer Unit of the New Brunswick Institute for Research Data and Training (NB-IRDT), welcomes you to join the first Healthy Seniors Pilot Project Showcase!

The Healthy Seniors Pilot Project (HSPP) supports a range of applied research initiatives to examine how governments, in partnership with the community and private sectors, can better support seniors. At current, 39 projects are in progress. The goal of HSPP is to improve the lives of seniors by sharing knowledge gained from the pilot projects.

Committed to sharing knowledge, in this first Showcase we will be diving into a select number of projects to give you a taste for the type of projects that are underway.

  • Learn more about the HSPP.
  • Hear a snapshot of individual projects.
  • Contribute to developing community engagement and involvement.
  • Connect with colleagues in your field.