Foundations in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Basic Training

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CanFASD and Alberta FASD Cross-Ministry Committee

Foundations in FASD Training was developed to enhance public awareness of FASD and equip staff across community and government systems to deliver FASD-informed supports.

This training:

  • is a key initiative of Alberta's FASD Cross-Ministry Committee in collaboration with the Canada FASD Research Network;

  • is free for all Albertans;

  • will enable those supporting individuals with FASD that are aging or are seniors to provide better supports through an enhanced understanding of the complexities of FASD, the individual's unique needs, and strategies to better support them that are rooted in best practice and evidence-based research.

Learn more and access Foundations in FASD training here.

Further information about FASD assessment, diagnosis, and supports in Alberta can be accessed through the FASD Service Networks portal here.