Fall and Fall-Related Injury Prevention Screening and Assessment Webinar Series: Where to begin? It starts with screening.

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Loop Fall Prevention Community of Practice

This is the first webinar in a series of three on fall and fall-related injury prevention screening and assessment. The focus of this webinar will be screening.

Join Brian Hyndman, PhD, as he summarizes key findings from an environmental scan and practitioner survey of fall risk screening and assessment clinical practices guidelines for older adults. Then, Denise Beaton (British Columbia) and Dr. Richard Louis (New Brunswick) will discuss the practical considerations for screening in each of their respective provinces.

We will present the latest research and evidence-based best practice, but we also want to know your questions and concerns! Your feedback at each webinar will shape the focus of the following webinars in the series.

Webinar series description:

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization and death in Canada. It’s important that practitioners and clinicians address the risk of falls and fall-related injury in older adults with a consistent, evidence-based, and practice-focused approach to fall risk screening and assessment. Currently, there are several clinical practice guidelines for the prevention, assessment and management of falls and fall-related injury in older adults in use or in development across Canada.

This webinar series explores the commonalities and gaps of existing fall risk assessment and management guidelines, practical applications of fall and fall-related injury risk assessment and screening guidelines and pathways, and how to facilitate system wide, integrated, and consistent response to preventing falls and fall-related injuries among older adults.