CORE Frailty Series Session 3: Ageism, Stigma, and Assumptions around Frailty

Date & Time
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CORE Elder Abuse Group

Perceptions of frailty can be marred by assumptions associated to ageism. People can be frail at the age of 50 or robust at the age of 80. The CORE Elder Abuse Group invites you to learn about ageism and the role it can play in labeling older adults as frail, simply because of their age.  This event will allow participants to engage in myth busting conversations about aging, share strategies for building resilience, and learn how frailty can be an exaggerated vulnerability that can result in negative attitudes about aging.  

About our Guest Speaker, Donna Wilson 

Donna Wilson is a Registered Nurse, with a full-time tenured position as a Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. Donna has worked as a staff nurse, nursing supervisor, senior hospital administrator, media commentator, educator, researcher, and professor in Alberta, British Columbia, New Zealand, and Texas, as well as unpaid positions in Ireland, Belgium, and England. Donna’s program of research focuses on health services and health policy, primarily in relation to aging, ageism, and end-of-life care, including bereavement. Much of her work is oriented to myth busting, with the aim of eliminating ageism and ensuring effective and accessible healthcare services for older and also younger people.

About the host: The CORE Elder Abuse Group connects individuals, organizations, and agencies to develop strategies to address elder abuse. With more than 50 members, this group invites you to join the momentum!

About the series: This event is part of the CORE Frailty Series. Learn more about the series here