CORE Food Security Group - Panel Presentation and Discussion


Join the CORE Food Security Group for a panel presentation and discussion forum on nutrition, malnutrition, and older adults. This community conversation will focus on how health care providers and community organizations can work more closely together to address this issue. Malnutrition is a key predictor for hospitalization and duration of hospital stay for adults living in the community. Now, more than ever, is important for CBSS organizations to collaborate with others to help older adults maintain their health in the community. 

Our panel presenters and partners will include: 

  • A Malnutrition expert in Adult & Seniors Health at Alberta Health Services 

  • Community based organization addressing nutrition in community 

We hope this discussion forum will be an initial step to strengthen our working relationship with Alberta Health Services and generate ideas for future collaborative efforts to address malnutrition and other issues related to food security in our communities.