Breath Away Your Stress

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Caregivers Alberta

Join Caregivers Alberta as we welcome Breathwork Facilitator, Ivana Tisler for an online workshop on January 26th!

About this Event

Learn how to use your breath to navigate stress in your life. Revelation Breathwork is a transformational process that combines an ancient two-step breathing technique that is accompanied by music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.

It is a simple, safe, and extremely effective process for experiencing breakthroughs and optimal wellness in your life. This type of Breathwork is an active breathing process that differs from most traditional meditation and mindfulness practices. Most people report it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

About the Speaker:

Ivana Tisler is a Breathwork facilitator who has been practicing yoga and meditation since early 2001. Her journey into the body’s natural power and ability to sicken or heal itself, created a deeper interest in the power of breath.

While practicing Wim Hof, Holotropic and Neuro activating breath-work methods, she was guided into a deep need to serve and teach this amazing modality to others.

"I returned to class each week, and between classes, I changed without doing a thing. It revealed more of who I was, who I am, where I am, and what I am supposed to be, then any other modality did before. I was hooked. I wanted to show the world the power of being in control, by simply learning how to use our own breath. Each layer we peel away pulls at our untethered human thread and unravels the tight weaving of our programming back to its purest form of our soul. To witness myself, and my clients move through this process, is what I had been searching for all along."