Avoiding Fraud and Scams

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Avoiding Fraud and Scams

Every day, Canadians are under attack by people hoping to defraud or scam them. The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada say 73 per cent of individuals report being targeted by fraudsters at some time in their lives - and one in three have fallen victim to a scam.

The best way to avoid being taken in by fraud? Learn what types of scams are out there - and how they work - so you can identify them and steer clear.

About our speaker:

Eric Storey is a community development advocate. After retiring in 2007 from a senior management position in the industrial packaging industry, he returned to university to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree. He did this to better understand the needs of marginalized communities and position himself to help. He volunteers in projects serving seniors, at-risk and in-care youth, and sexual- and gender-diverse populations.