ABNN Webinar: Attracting & Retaining Nonprofit Talent with a Group Retirement Plan

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The uncertainty and hardship of the past two years have taken a toll on employees of nonprofit organizations. On top of the mental health challenges faced by many Canadian workers, the cost of living is going up – putting more pressure on employees’ well-being. And like many leaders in the sector, you may be struggling to attract and retain talent and keep them engaged. In the past, employers have seen group retirement plans as a nice-to-have benefit. But the pandemic has changed the game.

Join this webinar to find out why a group retirement plan can help your nonprofit address recruiting and retention challenges and provide employees with greater long-term financial security. In this webinar, you’ll learn why retirement benefits have become a priority for employees and job-seekers, and how much value a good workplace retirement plan creates for employees.

You’ll also learn about the Common Good Plan, a modern TFSA and RRSP plan designed for the not-for-profit sector. Common Good can help your employees’ retirement savings go 2-3x further. Now is the time to support your employees by investing in their future.