Unmasking the Future 2021 Environmental Scan

Institute for Community Prosperity
Description / Summary

In March of 2015, at the request of The Calgary Foundation, the Institute for Community Prosperity provided a scan of major current socioeconomic trends and developments, at the local, provincial, national and international scales, relevant to the work of the Foundation. New scans were then prepared in late 2016, late 2017 and late 2018. This is the fifth such scan. A scan was not produced in 2019, as instead we took a deep dive into one topic that we felt was critical to understanding the future of social good: Artificial Intelligence (AI). The 2021 scan, like the previous five scans is a selected and curated set of timely and topical issues, but it is far from comprehensive.

The 2021 Scan revisits some of the above issues, like civic innovation and long-term care, the context around which has been radically altered in light of the pandemic, but also looks a number topics previously not explored – electric vehicles, policing, coal, universal child care, and the changing nature of the workplace, for example. It is organized under a set of themes, each of which uses multiple lenses – social, cultural, political, economic, environmental and technological.