RECORDING - Intergenerational (IG) Day Inspiration Event

CORE Alberta
Description / Summary

You can access the recording HERE.

National IG Day is June 1st! The CORE Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice hosted an event to celebrate and promote intergenerational programs and relationships. There was lots of discussion on the importance of making people aware of the value of friendships formed with other generations, what exciting IG Day event ideas are going on across the province and how we can all share these ideas beyond IG Day as a community of practice. 

Connect with our guest speakers: 

  • Lois Faris, a 92 year-old who's devoting the rest of her life to ending Ageism 4 all Ages (what an inspiration!) and she shared information on the Mutual Mentoring Group. Connect with her at
  • Jocelyn Rempel, an associate professor at Mount Royal University and Chair in Older Adult Health, spotlighted the Intergenerational Speaker Series which is geared towards promoting lifelong learning and the formation of intergenerational relationships. Connect with her at
  • Leanne Parks, an assistant principal in Calgary, shared how her school is planning and hosting an IG Day event for their school community and the residents in the care centre they are partnered with. Connect with her at

About the host: The CORE Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice aims to bring together committed individuals who have a desire to work collaboratively to learn, share and build capacity and develop intergenerational programs or initiatives in their communities.