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You can find a recording of the session attached to this post as a FILE. 

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The CORE Age-Friendly Group hosted an event to officially launch on April 29, 2021. The event supported discussions around what makes a community "age-friendly". It was shared that "age-friendly" is the idea of making structures and services more accessible and inclusive for seniors with varying needs and capacities.  This means looking at how we build infrastructure, the way we get around, and even the way we shop for goods and services.  People in age-friendly communities are supported in maintaining their independence and have access to the community supports and services they need.

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The Age-Friendly Group on CORE would love to invite you to become a CORE member and join! We have 2 groups: An open discussion group designed as an information and resource sharing space and a closed community of practice designed to help communities that are pursuing age-friendliness to connect and share ideas, best practices and expertise. Please note you will need to request to join for the closed community of practice. 

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