RECORDING - CORE Frailty Series Session 2: Frailty & Falls Prevention - Nutrition, Physical Activity & Functional Mobility

CORE Alberta
Description / Summary

You can access the recording HERE.

The CORE Falls Prevention Group hosted a session on December 7, 2021 featuring two presentations highlighting the importance of nutrition, physical activity and functional mobility to prevent falls and to build resilience against frailty. 

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The resources mentioned within the session can be found below and attached as a FILE: 


Lastly, the Central Alberta Falls Prevention Coalition invites you to get involved and contribute to their 2021/2022 physical activity and healthy aging resource list (links below) and create further awareness about current community physical activity programs that you can share in your community. Please contribute what programs you know about in the draft of a virtual resource hub to be shared in 2022 to encourage older adults to be further engaged in local communities. “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”! The coalition has attached their previous 2019 brochure for quick reference on the awareness foundation we will be growing in 2022.

If you have any issues accessing these lists, please contact Shelley Dallas-Smith or Celine Jensen

About the host: The CORE Falls Prevention Group is a network of like-minded professionals that work together to raise awareness and champion falls prevention. By working together collectively professionals serving seniors across the province can reduce the cost of falls and have positive impacts in their communities. Please join the group to stay in the loop!

About the series: This event is part of the CORE Frailty Series. Check out the other recordings in the series HERE