Publication of Impacts of the Seniors Centre Without Walls in Peer-Reviewed Journal

Heather Roland
Description / Summary

The Alberta Seniors Centre Without Walls is happy to announce that we have published our findings in the peer-reviewed journal Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. This article is open access and can be downloaded directly from the website!

Our program provides free health, psychosocial, and educational telephone programming for older adults who experience multiple barriers to traditional in-person programming. The aim of this program evaluation was to assess outcomes of participation using validated scales of loneliness and psychosocial and health quality of life. Telephone interviews were conducted pre (n = 160) and post (n = 99) with participants. Given the variation in average attendance, results were assessed by level of participation: Low, Moderate, and High Users.

There was statistically significant improvement in all participants’ attitudes towards their self-realization and towards energy levels, and EQ-5D-5L anxiety/depression scale after participation, along with a significant reduction in feelings of social isolation. The highest rates of improvement were seen within High Users. These findings suggest that telephone-based programs could be a useful intervention to improve the wellbeing and socially connectedness of older adults.