Increase in eligible activities for New Horizons for Seniors Program due to COVID-19

Government Of Canada
Description / Summary

Effectively immediately, organizations under the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) can use funding previously received through the community-based stream to provide immediate and essential services to seniors impacted by COVID-19. Regardless of the nature of the previously approved project, organizations with approved projects in 2019-2020 can now use their funding to provide support for seniors’ needs due to COVID-19. Activities can include:

  • prevent seniors’ social isolation in a time of recommended social distancing / self-quarantine by promoting computer literacy and virtual activities among seniors;
  • support seniors who are self-isolating at home, including the delivery of food and medication or personalized monitoring of seniors to ensure their needs are met and to provide moral support (by phone and via online apps such as FaceTime and Zoom);
  • assist seniors to undertake essential activities, such as visits to the doctor;
  • assist community organizations to provide the types of support listed above, including hiring staff to replace a loss of volunteerism capacity due to the outbreak (many volunteers are seniors that need to self-isolate);
  • provide information to seniors regarding how to care for themselves during the pandemic; or
  • support the ability of seniors to stay connected with their community and their family, including through smart phones and tablets (for example iPhone and iPads) and remote tutorials by community organizations.

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