How Do You Handle the Heat? (uOttawa Canada-wide survey for residents 50-85 years of age)

Description / Summary

How Do You Handle the Heat? With the summer season fast approaching, the Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit at the University of Ottawa recently launched a Canada-wide survey on knowledge, risk perceptions, attitudes, and practices related to heat stress. Given that heatwaves are projected to increase in frequency and severity due to rising global temperatures, public heat stress prevention and management is of critical importance to prevent adverse heat-health effects. The results of this survey will help increase awareness and knowledge about the importance of heat stress prevention and management and assist in directing the development of future protections.

The survey is open to anyone that resides in Canada and is 50-85 years of age. Please consider taking a few minutes to complete this important survey!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the research-lead Dr. Glen Kenny (gkenny@uottawa), or student-researcher Emily Tetzlaff (