Guide to 2021 Fundraising Trends

Imagine Canada
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Guide to 2021 Fundraising Trends

Tips, strategies and checklists to prime your organization for success this year.

Imagine Canada and Keela have identified 5 emerging fundraising trends to help you pivot your strategies and set your organization up for success in 2021.

One in four nonprofits are worried they won’t be able to keep their doors open past this year, making it a necessity to adapt, pivot, and re-energize. Rather than being reactive, this is a chance to stay ahead of the curve as we round out 2020. 

The fundamentals are still the same. Relationships with supporters, donors, and other stakeholders are paramount to success, but the platforms in which we facilitate these relationships and the strategies for doing so are shifting. 

Download our Guide to 2021 Fundraising Trends and lay the groundwork for inclusive, digital strategies that will carry your organization into the future. 

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