Engage! Tamarak Institute selection of our most popular resources, blogs, and webinars from 2020

Tamarak Institute
Description / Summary

In this special edition of Engage! we are excited to share a selection of our most popular resources, blogs, and webinars from 2020. These resources tell a story of the challenges we all faced as learners, changemakers, and individuals through a global pandemic.

Our top blog Social Connection Needed in Battle Against COVID-19, by Jim Diers, speaks to the importance of community, connection, and resilience in getting us through the pandemic. Our top resource Tamarack’s Guidelines for Working Remotely is a clear representation of a major lifestyle shift many of us made as a result of public health guidelines. Our top webinar Creating a Culture of Equity and Reconciliation featuring Suzanne Methot and Pamela Teitelbaum, came in response to racial violence and subsequent rallies for justice that have occurred around the world, and Tamarack’s commitment to anti-racism.

These resources represent the learning journey we have gone through together over a year filled with struggle, chaos, and loss – a year that impacted people on the margins the most. We look forward to working together with you over the next year to continue our work on building community, ending poverty, and changing our communities for the better.