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Education, Recreation, & Arts
Social Connectedness
Wellness & Mental Health

StoryShare is a FREE story-based outreach service for Calgary and area seniors that aims to enhance a client’s quality of life and deepen their connection to the community through the sharing of stories. StoryShare is an initiative of Storytelling Alberta in partnership with Calgary Seniors Resource Society with funding from the Federal Government.

StoryShare offers a number of services at no cost to the client:

  • Individual StoryShare Chat
  • Tellaround
  • Legacy Recording
  • TimeSlips Session for people with dementia
  • Workshop


All Calgary and area seniors 65 years of age or over qualify for any or all of these free services. They also offer sessions in other languages including French, Spanish, Urdu and Dutch. And they have 5 iPads they can loan out to clients so they can connect by video platform.

To participate in the StoryShare program or gift a story session to a friend or loved one, call 587-5 STORY 0 (587-578-6790) or access the online request form HERE