Project Inspire - Art-based Intergenerational Program

Type of Program
Education, Recreation, & Arts
Social Connectedness
Wellness & Mental Health

Project Inspire is an 8-week program offered by LINKages designed to bring together older adults and youth to learn about art history and techniques, as well as discover the value of personal expression through art. This program offers local seniors the opportunity to express their experiences of ageism through a variety of artistic mediums.This program has been offered in partnership with a number of different seniors serving organizations over the past three years. Due to its efficacy and positive impact on participants, there are plans for expansion into Calgary Community Hubs later in 2020. 

Watch a video about an example of a Project Inspire collaboration between LINKages SocietyUnited Active Living卡城華人耆英會 The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association - CCECA, and United Way of Calgary and Area.

Project Inspire Video