Indigenous Health Program

Type of Program
Food & Nutritional Support
Information, Referral, & Advocacy
Physical Activity
Safety, Security & Personal Planning
Social Connectedness
Wellness & Mental Health

This program partners with Indigenous peoples, communities, and key stakeholders to provide accessible and culturally appropriate health services for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people. This program provides:

  • Cultural and spiritual support for First Nations (Status and Non-status), Métis, and Inuit patients and families. This program also collaborates with healthcare providers around spiritual, cultural and other special needs to facilitate culturally safe and family-centered care. This role also offers a specialized mental health and addictions focus including group and individual support.

  • Diabetes education using a holistic and cultural approach for First Nations (Status and Non-status), Métis, and Inuit patients and families. Within our chronic disease mandate, the Anderson Hall clinic provides a four day, culturally-based, holistic diabetes education program, as well as 1 day follow-up appointments with the wellness team. For more information on the Indigenous Wellness Program visit Indigenous Wellness Clinic.

  • Advocacy for support of Indigenous patients and their families across the continuum of care: from healthcare facilities to community services. This program also promotes awareness and consultation between patients, families, communities, and AHS staff.

  • Help for Indigenous patients navigating the cancer care system in providing consistent, coordinated care and ensures they feel safe and comfortable in a clinical setting. This role also develops culturally sensitive relationships with other health care providers.