The Eye See You Program

Type of Program
Wellness & Mental Health

Retinal diseases including Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy cause irreversible vision loss in about 2 million Canadians. The goal of International Federation on Ageing in relation to vision and healthy ageing is to help ensure safe and appropriate treatments that are accessible to all Canadians. There is a growing trend worldwide to explore the use of biosimilars rather than biologics in various therapeutic areas.

Sound evidence-based policy must underpin governmental decisions in funding new treatments but also and equally important is the impact on patient treatment and the overall functional outcome. While biosimilars in ophthalmology have “not yet arrived” in Canada now is the time to bring together key patient advocates across various vantage points to gain a deeper understanding of policy development and the patient voice.

The Eye See You Biosimilars in Ophthalmology Program is committed to raising awareness about emerging biosimilars in ophthalmology and connecting Canadians to experts and thought leaders in vision health.