Electricity Rebates to Start Arriving on July Bills

Government of Alberta

Beginning in July, almost two million Albertans will receive rebates on their electricity bills to help them manage high electricity costs.

More than 1.9 million homes, farms and small businesses will receive monthly credits of $50 on their July, August and September electricity bills, for a total of $150 in rebates.

The Alberta government’s $300-million rebate program will help alleviate some of the high utility costs that many families and businesses have faced during recent months.

Alberta’s government has worked closely with electricity distributors and retailers to develop and implement the electricity rebate.

Albertans currently connected to the system that have consumed electricity within the past calendar year, up to a maximum of 250 megawatt hours per year, are automatically eligible for the rebates. Support will reach more than 1.9 million Albertans, which means that most farms, residences and small businesses will receive the rebates.

Eligible Albertans can expect to see an automatic $50 rebate on their bills. It is being applied directly to eligible utility bills, meaning no application or other action is needed to start receiving the rebate in July.


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