Alberta Council of Disability Services Fall Webinar Series 2021

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Alberta Council of Disability Services


The ACDS 2021 Fall Webinar Series is on October 25, 27, and 29. The webinar series focuses on the theme of “resilience”—in our personal lives, in our organizations, and in our society. This webinar series will benefit all human services organizations and staff, as you face ongoing stressors, both pandemic-related and non-pandemic-related. Whether you are a frontline staff member, an organizational leader, or somewhere in-between, you are invited to participate in learning and dialogue on building resiliency in our personal and work lives. 

Webinars will run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm each day.


Human services organizations and staff, Canada-wide.

Session Topics

  1. October 25: Developing Confidence and Resilience in Uncharted Times
  2. October 27: Compassion Fatigue: “You Gotta Name It to Tame It!”
  3. October 29: Next Level Behaviour: Addressing Hurtful and Aggressive Behaviours in Those We Support


Pricing is set at a per-webinar basis, based on ACDS membership status.

  • Non-member registrants: $70 per webinar
  • Registrants with (or from organizations with) associate membership: $60 per webinar
  • Registrants with (or from organizations with) full membership: $50 per webinar