Even 4 Hours a Day Won't Cut It: Why Transforming Long-Term Care Needs to Start with Empathy

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The National Institute on Ageing

Societal ageism has led to inadequate systems of care for older Canadians, particularly in long-term care. The COVID-19 pandemic brought these gaps and systemic failures in these systems to the forefront of national attention. Moira Welsh, a distinguished Toronto Star Investigative Reporter, has spent years investigating retirement and long-term care homes, working both to expose the deficiencies in our long-term care systems while also profiling the resilience of older Canadians. These stories are not an account of falls or bedsores or overmedication, but of older adults living with purpose, energy and love. These are powerful stories with the capacity to change perspectives and the status quo.

In the first webinar in the NIA’s new series — Spotlight on Healthy Ageing — Dr. Samir Sinha, the NIA’s Director of Health Policy Research, will dive deep into conversation with Moira Welsh on her new book Happily Ever Older. The book is a warm, inspiring blueprint for change, proof that instead of warehousing older Canadians, we can create a future with strong social connections and a reason to go on living for those who can no longer continue to live in their own homes.