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Partnership Brokers Association Community of Practice

Working in collaboration can be difficult, even when you're all in the same room, but how do you work with partners across multiple venues, time-zones and technology barriers? Virtual partnership due to Covid-19 lock down / social isolation realities, partner locations being hard to reach or for reasons of resource efficiency, partnering remotely and virtually is rapidly becoming a new normal. 

This inevitably changes the way partners are able to relate to each other and work together. It requires us to re-think our approaches and to build new ways of working that combine creativity (‘art’) and rigour (‘science’) in order to turn perceived partnering challenges into real (perhaps unexpected) opportunities.

Join our Partnership Brokers Association Community of Practice as we explore the topic of brokering partnership remotely with Catherine Russ, Accredited Partnership Brokers and Authorized Partnership Practitioner Trainer. Catherine created the prototype for PBA’s ‘Brokering Partnerships Remotely’ certificate course, the disruptive potential offered by remote dynamics in partnerships.