What’s the state of the sector today?  Take ABNN’s nonprofit survey until Friday Nov 6

Alberta Nonprofit Network

Take Alberta Nonprofit Network’s nonprofit survey to inform our combined understanding and decision making

A lot can happen in a few months – what nonprofits were dealing with in the spring is vastly different than the struggles of today. To help build an understanding of the current state of Alberta’s nonprofits and charities, ABNN is conducting a fall sector survey. What are your funding, operating and staffing challenges? What support and policy decisions do you need on the road to recovery? 

The data and results from this survey will be shared with the sector, government partners and funders to support ongoing dialogue. The information gathered in our last two surveys was used by Alberta organizations for grant applications, resource development, programming direction and as part of advocacy and media outreach. Numerous funders, including the Government of Alberta and Alberta community foundations, also used the survey data to inform their funding decisions. 

The more organizations that complete the survey the better picture we can get. Please share the survey by forwarding it to your network and including it in your own newsletters or social media.

The survey is open until Friday, November 6.