Expanding addiction, mental health teams in Edmonton

Government of Alberta

Alberta’s government is helping everyday Albertans by providing $600,000 to expand the Edmonton Police Service’s HELP teams.

Edmonton Police Service’s Human-centred Engagement and Liaison Partnership (HELP) teams partner Edmonton Police Service (EPS) constables with navigators who have the skills, knowledge and experience to support vulnerable Albertans.

The HELP teams work closely with local community organizations and focus their efforts on assuring people struggling with mental health and addiction are able to access recovery-oriented health care and social supports.

HELP teams work to build relationships with vulnerable Albertans, identify people’s needs and help them access the services and supports they choose. The teams focus on helping those most at risk of becoming involved with the judicial system or of harming themselves, others or the community. This additional funding will be used to hire social navigators to partner with existing EPS personnel.


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