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Updated Tuesday, March 30

Phase 2B - Albertans born 2005 to 1957 (16 to 64) with eligible health conditions can get vaccinated. Bookings will open by birth year. Additional years will be added as more vaccines arrive.

  • Starting March 30: Those born 1957-63 can book through participating pharmacies in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer 
  • Starting April 5: Those born 1957-59 can book through AHS (online and 811)

AstraZeneca Update - The limited supply of the AstraZeneca (Covishield) vaccine has been fully booked. There are no appointments available for this vaccine at this time. Appointments will reopen as we get more supply.

COVID-19 vaccine to homebound Albertans - Starting March 29, AHS will offer the vaccine to an estimated 3,000 homebound Albertans eligible in Phase 1 and 2A. The program will expand to Phase 2B individuals in the coming days and to other groups as they become eligible in upcoming phases of the provincial vaccination program. COVID-19 vaccine will be administered by AHS Public Health or Home Care, depending on the health zone. Only homebound individuals are eligible to be vaccinated through this program, at this time. Caregivers, spouses, other household and family members are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, either at a participating pharmacy or AHS immunization site. Learn more

Eligible Albertans as of March 30 at 8 a.m. include:

Through the Online Booking Tool or by calling Health Link 811

Those born in 1956 or before and First Nations, Métis & Inuit born in 1971 or before living off reserve

Through the 250+ Participating Pharmacies 
  • Those born in 1956 or before
  • First Nations, Métis & Inuit born in 1971 or before living off reserve (First Nations, Métis & Inuit people living on-reserve or on-settlement should book through their local clinic)
  • Those born 1957-63 with eligible health conditions in pharmacies in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer (more pharmacies will be added in coming weeks)

**Continue to visit Alberta Health Services vaccination page for the latest updates**

Appointments can cancelled or modified up to one hour before the scheduled time as follows:

  1.  Online Tool: Go to They will need their postal code as well as the confirmation code from their appointment confirmation email. 

  2. Confirmation Email: At the bottom of the appointment confirmation email, click on the link to "modify your appointment".

  3. Call Health Link at 811 if you are unable to use the online tool.

Requirements & Appointment Prep 

  • The patient’s Alberta Health Care number and date of birth must be available at the time of booking.
  • If you don't have an Alberta Health Care number (from out of province or out of country) please call Health Link to discuss your eligibility.  
  • Seniors must return to the same clinic to receive their second dose to ensure appropriate timing between doses and to help manage vaccine supply.
  • Seniors must bring one piece of identification with you that proves your age, which could include your Alberta Health Care card, a driver's license, Social Insurance Number, birth certificate, or passport.
  • Friends or family members are able to help book these appointments through online booking system either a desktop computer, or through their hand held device or through Health Link.
  • Family members need to have the individual’s Alberta Health Care number on hand to book this appointment through the online booking system.
  • Eligible Albertans that require assistance, are allowed to have one support person accompany then during their appointment, physical distancing and space permitting.
  • A support person can be a spouse, family member, friend, or caregiver. Support people must adhere to public health measures while at the clinic, including hand hygiene, continuous masking and physical distance from others.
  • Individuals are asked to wait in their cars until 5 minutes before their appointment and not arrive more than 10 minutes early.
  • It is anticipated that each individual will be at the vaccine clinic for approximately 20-25 minutes which includes the monitoring time after the vaccine is given.
  • A waiting room is available for individuals to sit after their vaccination.
  • AHS clinics are wheelchair accessible and staff will be on-hand to assist individuals that require help.
  • Each AHS vaccine clinic has a wheelchair accessible washroom onsite.
  • Individuals should wear clothing that will easily allow access to your upper arm for receiving the immunization.

Out Of Province / Out Of Country Eligibility

  • For individuals that have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine outside of Alberta, you can receive your second dose of vaccine when you become eligible, even if that is after the recommended 42 day window. This aligns with the approach recommended by Alberta Health and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.
  • Please ensure you have a record of your first immunization on hand when you arrive to receive your second dose.
  • There is no maximum spacing for receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and even if it will be more than 42 days between doses, you do not have to restart the two dose series. You are recommended to have your second dose as soon as you become eligible.
  • If you are wanting your first dose of vaccine and are from out of province, all Canadian citizens are able to receive their first dose of vaccine when they are eligible, no matter where in Canada they reside.
  • All individuals who are living, working, going to school or visiting in Alberta for three months or longer are eligible to receive the vaccine as long as they are in the sequenced group.

Additional Information from AHS:


  • If seniors do not have the means to get to their vaccine appointment by getting a ride from a family member, friend, taxi, or an alternate transportation source, they should call 211 for help connecting with local community transportation supports.
  • Community organizations able to provide vaccine transportation supports, please contact 211 Alberta ASAP at 780-392-8722 or to ensure your services are captured in their database and can be offered to seniors in need. 
  • The datatbase of 211 Alberta COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation for Seniors is also available to through this Google Sheet

  • With the coronavirus vaccine rollout underway in Alberta, so are phone scams. Fraudsters are trying to take advantage of Albertans, especially seniors, who are eager to receive immunization. The fraudulent callers claim they can get someone a vaccination—for a fee. These claims are false.
  • Anyone who hears from phone scammers is asked to report it to a local law enforcement agency’s anti-fraud/scam unit via police non-emergency telephone line.
  • You can contact 211 if you need assistance finding the phone number to use to report the scam in your area:

☎️ Dial 2-1-1

📱 Text INFO to 211

🖥️ Live chat via

Additional Information:

  • AHS has been working with Indigenous communities and organizations across Alberta to support their COVID-19 responses. For any questions or concerns email Learn about the Indigenous Communities COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
  • Some vaccine appointments for seniors are being booked at locations that are too far away for them to access through family and friends, transit, taxi, or community supports. Seniors who are unable to travel long distances, should try book at the vaccine site closest to them by calling 811, even if it is at a later date. Seniors who already have an appointment at an inaccessible location should call 811 to modify their appointement.

Expansion of Second Dose Immunization Window

Starting March 10, all current Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccines will be provided to Albertans in a 16-week (4 month) timeline between the first and second dose. This is in alignment with current National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommendations.

If you booked your appointment BEFORE March 10:

  • Anyone who has booked their immunization before March 10 will be immunized within a 42-day window.
  • All existing appointments for second doses will be honoured and will be provided within 42 days.

If you book your appointment March 10 and going forward:

  • Starting March 10, all individuals that call Health Link, or go online to the AHS online COVID-19 immunization booking tool, will be able to book their first dose only. Individuals will receive a reminder from AHS at a later date, by text message, email or automated call, of when to book their second dose appointment.
  • All bookings made starting March 10 will be on the 16-week protocol.

Vaccine Supply

There are now four vaccines approved for use in Canada:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine - approved on December 9, 2020
    • Two dose vaccine
    • Estimated vaccine's efficacy at 92.6%
    • 444,000 doses to arrive per week in March, increasing to 769,000 doses in each of the first two weeks of April
    • Up to 76 Million doses to arrive in total
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna - approved on December 23, 2020
    • Two dose vaccine
    • Estimated vaccine's efficacy at 92.1%
    • 460,000 doses to arrive the week of March 8, and 846,000 doses the week of March 22
    • A total 44 Million doses to arrive in total 
  • AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine – approved February 26, 2021
    • Two dose vaccine
    • Estimated vaccine's efficacy at 62.1%
    • 500,000 doses to be available within weeks (some as early as this week)
    • A total 22 Million doses to arrive by June
  • Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine – approved March 5, 2021
    • Single dose vaccine
    • Estimated vaccine's efficacy at 66.9%
    • 10,000,000 doses to be available between April and June 
    • The Janssen vaccine can be stored at refrigerated temperatures between 2C and 8C for three months, making it easy to transport across the country, especially to more remote locations. 

Vaccination Rollout Progress

Alberta Vaccine Rollout Progress - As of March 28:

  • 608,032 doses administered
  • 13,750.5 doses per 100,000 population
  • 97,561 Albertans fully immunized (2 doses)
  • 200 adverse events following immunization reported (learn about vaccine safety)

Canada Vaccine Rollour Progress - As of March 18

  • 12.179% of Canadians have received at least one dose
  • You can access information on vaccination rollout progress in Canada and Alberta through the national COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Other key sources of information include:

We invite service providers and volunteers who want to support seniors overcome barriers to accessing COVID-19 vaccines, to join the Vaccine Rollout Community Support group on CORE by getting a free CORE membership. Use invite code ABVAC when you are signing up for your membership to be automatically added to the group. If you are already a CORE member, you can also send us a message and we will add you to this group. 

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