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Recovery College Central Alberta
Description / Summary

All Recovery College Central Alberta education courses are free and offered online through Zoom.

At Recovery College, our educational-based approach focuses on helping people recognize and develop their own resourcefulness and awareness in order to support themselves or their loved one’s recovery journey. All of our courses are developed and delivered in partnership with our peer supporters who are experts by experience: they have their own story of a mental health or substance concern or are supporting a loved one.

Support groups and multi-session courses may once again be available in a blended format, with some people attending in our Learning Centre and others attending over Zoom.

If you want to attend in-person at our Learning Centre, you must call us at 403-967-0473. You must also do the online registration, through the Recovery College Calendar Page.

Please note the facilitators will start the Zoom session for each class, 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. People are welcome to join the session any time after this.

Please visit our Recovery College Calendar Page to see our current schedule. Click on the links to register for the classes you would like to take. When you register, you will get a confirmation email which includes instructions for using Zoom. Please feel free to come into Zoom 10 minutes before the class if you need a bit of tech support. We do not provide tech support once the class begins.

Everyone is welcome to attend our free courses and drop-in classes. No previous experience is required and with many courses to choose from, there is a course for everyone.