Well Connected - an at home day program

Type of Program
Safety, Security & Personal Planning
Social Connectedness
Wellness & Mental Health

Caregivers Alberta has collaborated with ElderCare Edmonton to support family caregivers, enrich lives and promote engagement.

Well Connected offers recreation day programming in a virtual community-based setting every Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m and Thursday from 1-2 p.m. No matter your age or where you are in Canada, you can stay connected by participating in activities, education, and friendly conversation. Both caregivers and care recipients are welcome to participate! Groups facilitated by ElderCare Edmonton therapeutic recreation specialists.

The Benefits

  • Enjoy therapeutic recreation in an at-home setting
  • Remain connected to community during a socially isolated climate
  • Engage the body, mind and spirit through a wide range of topics
  • Promote activity and support independent well being

How does it work?

Please register through Eventbrite in order to receive a Zoom link to the program. You will be able to participate via phone, tablet, or computer. Groups last from 45 – 60 minutes and can incorporate up to 25 participants at a time.