Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

Institute for Community Prosperity

Victim Services Alberta

Ending Violence Association of Canada

Eisner Foundation (Generations, American Society on Aging)

From United Way

CORE Alberta

Rebecca Jansen, Edmonton Social Planning Council

PolicyWise for Children & Families

Ann Silversides, The Philanthropist

Ministry of Seniors and Housing

Rural Development Network & Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Tamarack Institute and Suncor

Alberta Association of Immigrant-Serving Agencies (AAISA)

Alberta Seniors and Housing

Denise Campbell-Scherer, Yvonne Chiu, Nicole Naadu Ofosu, Thea Luig, Karen Heather Hunter, Badi Jabbour, Sauleha Farooq, Ali Mahdi, Aline Gayawira, Fransiska Awasis, Funke Olokude, Hannah Goa, Hina Syed, Judy Sillito, Lydia Yip, Lyn Belle, et al

National Long-Term Care Services Standard

Anthea Innes, Sarah Kate Smith, Sophie Bushell, Salford Institute for Dementia and Ageing, School of Health and Society, University of Salford, Salford, UK

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Edmonton Social Planning Council

Florien M. Kruse , Jasmine C. Mah, Sanne J. J. P. M. Metsemakers, Melissa K. Andrew, Samir K. Sinha, Patrick P.T. Jeurissen, Journal of Long-Term Care

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Forum of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors

Andrew Pierce, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Diana Marin, Zulma V. Rueda & Yoav Keynan, Canadian Journal of Public Health

William Byrd, Maximilian Salcher-Konrad, Siân Smith, Adelina Comas-Herrera (Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, United Kingdom)

The National Institute on Ageing

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council

Dr. Gwen McGhan and Dr. Deirdre McCaughey, University of Calgary

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

CanAge - Canada's National Seniors Advocacy Organization

Standford Social Innovation Review

Karl Spiteri, David Broom, Amira Hassan Bekhet, John Xerri De Caro, Bob Laventure, Kate Grafton, Sheffield Hallam University

211 Alberta and the Seniors Informaiton Phone Line

Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta

Sebastien Peytrignet, Simon Garforth-Bles, Kieran Keohane

University of Alberta

Age Friendly Edmonton: City of Edmonton

Seong-gee Um, Jessica Lee, & Poussy Boulos - The Wellesley Institute

Dr. Gwen McGhan and Dr. Deirdre McCaughey -, University of Calgary

University of Calgary

Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee (Ontario)

Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre

The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health

Ioana Ghiga, Emma Pitchforth, Louise Leptit, Celine Miani, Gemma-Clare Ali and Catherine Meads

Policy Wise for Children & Families

Mental Health Research Canada

Ending Violence Association of Canada

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council (AEAAC)

Canadian Coalition for Seniors' Mental Health

Tamarack Institute

Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

The World Health Organization


International Federation on Ageing

211 Alberta - Distress Centre

Government of Alberta

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Sage, Pride Seniors Group, Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council, Age Friendly Edmonton

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

Action! Chinese Canadians Together

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

COVID-19 Social Impacts Network

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

Medically-At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre

The SHARP Foundation

Medically-At-Risk Drivers (MARD) Centre

Assisted Transportation Network Alberta

Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC)

Employment and Social Development Canada

National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health